How to measure for an Outfit

If you are not close enough to our shop to be measured, you can use these simple instructions to supply us with the sizes we require.

(Measurement A, Kilt Waist)...Measure firmly around the waist at belly button height, this is where the kilt sits (it may be bigger than your trouser waist size).

(Measurement B, Shoes).... Shoe size ...We do half sizes if required.

(Measurement C, Kilt Length) ..Stand up straight and let the tape drop from the waist (belly button height) to the knee ... measure to the middle of the kneecap.

(Measurement D,Overall Height)...Your overall height gives us a very good secondary indication of the kilt length you require, it also tells us if you need a Short, Regular,or Long fitting in the Jacket.

(Measurement E, Jacket Size)... If you do not already know your chest size.. i.e 42"..44"..46" etc, then take a neat measurement of the Chest and add 3" on to this to give us the Jacket size.

(Measurement F, Collar size) ..You may know your collar size, if not, a neat measure of your neck and add half an inch to this.

There you go! ...Nothing scary ... but just in case you doubt yourself ... our Kilts are twin sized and fully adjustable, the sporran/ belt/ waistcoat/ ruche tie/ and flashes, are all adjustable too.